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Adding Columns to the Roster & Sorting Columns

Adding Columns to the Roster

Navigate to one of the rosters on the left hand side: Enquiries, Applicants, Students, Families, or Alumni.

Click the three dot icon near the top right of the roster.

On the dropdown menu, tick the checkbox next to the columns you want to add. If needed, you can drag the individual column upward or downward to change the order of the columns on the roster. Then click Save when you are done.

As a note, if you add columns to any one of the Enquiries, Applicants, Students, or Alumni rosters, the other three rosters will be updated as well. You will need to do this separately with the Families roster.

Sorting Columns

When you click a Column Header, the data in the column will be sorted alphabetically, numerically or chronologically depending on the type of data. If you click the Column Header for a second time, the data will be sorted in reverse order.