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Enable Application Form for Selected Applicants

In OpenApply it is possible to enable an application form but hide the form from the landing page. This allows the school to only provide the application form to certain applicants by adding it to their checklist. Some common uses for this would be only allowing an application to be filled after a visit has been completed or providing a special application for staff children.

Hide the application form from the landing page

Navigate to Settings > Forms. Tick the Enabled checkbox while unticking the Display on Landing page checkbox to hide an application form from the landing page. If all application forms are hidden, then the application button will not appear at all on the landing page.

Adding applications to individual checklists

One way to make the application accessible to the correct applicants is to add the form to an applicant’s checklist manually. Navigate to the Applicant Profile and under the Checklist tab, click Add Checklist Item.

Choose Form as the Type of item and select the correct application form from the dropdown menu below. Add a title for the checklist item in Describe this To Do, and then click Add.

Adding the application form to the Applied checklist

Alternatively, schools can add the application form to the Applied checklist and change the applicant’s status to Applied when it is time for them to fill the application.

Navigate to Settings > Admissions > Checklist, and select which Programme you would like to add the application form to. Then click +Add Checklist Item.

You can name the Requirement and tick only Applied Status. Choose Form as the Requirement Type and select the correct application form from the dropdown menu. Click Save Changes when you are done.

If an applicant is qualified to fill out the application form, you can navigate to their Applicant Profile. Click on the dropdown menu under Status on the upper right side.

On the Edit Status window, change Inquiry to Applied. Then edit the Effective on Date and Notification On Date if needed. Click on Change Status when you are done.

Then the applicant will be able to access the application form on the parent account under Dashboard > Student Details > Application Checklist.