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Parent Interface Language Overview

Schools can enable a second user interface language, which parents can choose to use when completing forms or when logged into their parent account. Currently, Simplified Chinese is available as a second user interface language option.

Once this feature is enabled, parents can easily switch to the second language by clicking on the flag icon, in the top right of the screen.

To enable a second user interface language, navigate to Settings > School Settings > School Information and choose a language under Second UI Language.

You can select whether to use American or British English under the English Language & Flag dropdown. This will also determine whether a British or American flag is displayed when the parent chooses a language.

Under Name in Second UI Language an alternative name for the school can be defined, which is visible for the parents, if they select the second language.

Adding Translations to Buttons

Navigate to Settings > School Settings > Themes & Buttons to input your own text in the second UI language for the buttons on your OpenApply home page. The second UI language buttons are the second row of buttons on this page. Click to edit the text.

Adding Translations to Campuses

At Settings > Admissions > Campuses, translations for the name and address of each campus can be input.

Adding Translations to Forms & Fields

When editing a form at Settings > Forms, a translation for the title of each form can be added.

Global fields are translated automatically, but it is necessary to add a translation for each custom field on your forms. When editing a form, double-click on a field in order to edit that field and add the translation to the Field Label Translation

Adding Translations to Pages

When editing a page at Settings > Pages, a Title translation and Body translation can be added for each page.

Adding Translations to Statuses

Statuses are also visible to parents. Navigate to Settings > Admissions > Status & Notification and click on a status to edit that status.

Add the translation for the status name to Name translation.

Adding Translations to Checklists

Navigate to Settings > Admissions > Checklist. Click the pencil icon to edit the checklist item. Add the translation to the Requirement (and Description, if desired).

As well as the translations noted above, the following items will be translated automatically when the second UI language is selected:

  • Built-in parts of the user interface, such as the Sign In and Register Now buttons
  • Global fields - certain fields that are in OpenApply. Custom fields can be edited to add a translation (see Adding Translations to Forms & Fields above)
  • Responses to certain fields - preset responses for dropdown, multiple choice, and checkbox fields