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Linking and Unlinking Your ManageBac & OpenApply Accounts

Single-Sign-On (SSO) is a feature which allows you to simultaneously sign in to multiple platforms with the same username and password. For schools that are using ManageBac and OpenApply, you can now toggle from one platform to the other via SSO.

First, set up your passwords for both ManageBac & and OpenApply. If you have not set up your passwords, please contact your school administrator and request a Welcome Email.

Note: LaunchPad will not be available if your school is using Google or Office 365 single sign-on.

Step 1: Linking your ManageBac and OpenApply Accounts

Log into either ManageBac or OpenApply > click LaunchPad in the upper left corner.

Step 2: Add Additional Account

Hover over your name in the upper-right corner and select Add Additional Account.

Complete all fields

Complete all fields

Complete each field and click Add Account.

Service: Select either ManageBac or OpenApply.

Subdomain: The subdomain can be found as part of the URL for your school's account. For example, Faria International School would be and you would enter faria as the subdomain here.

Email: Enter the email address you use to login when accessing the Service above.

Password: Enter the password you use to login when accessing the Service above.

Step 3: Select your Service to Login

Select either ManageBac or OpenApply.

Switch from one service to the other

You can easily switch from one service to another via the black ribbon at the top of your screen.

Logout Everywhere

Click Logout Everywhere to log out of both OpenApply and ManageBac. The next time you log in, simply navigate to your school's OpenApply or ManageBac account. Once logged in, you will be able to access both services.

Unlinking Accounts

Click LaunchPad from ManageBac or OpenApply and select Manage Accounts.

Click the unlink icon and select Unlink. This will not affect any of your accounts in other applications. We will only unlink this account from your LaunchPad.