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Exporting Data from OpenApply

Via Settings > Import and Export

By going to Settings > Import & Export, you can specify what student information you would like to extract from OpenApply. You can filter your export by form, status and programme.

Via the Applicants tab

You can also export a filtered list of students directly via the Applicants tab. For example, opening Applicants, filtering for Grade 12 students, and then clicking Export will export all enrolled Grade 12 students.

Selecting Fields to Export

You can select the data fields to be included in the export to best suit your needs. For example, if your student information system requires only the Student ID fields, you may wish to remove the First Name and Last Name fields. You can also easily re-order the sequence of fields by dragging and dropping the fields in the Export Fields column.

Saving your CSV Export File

Once you have chosen your fields, you can save this as a specific export template by selecting Create New Template. OpenApply supports export into either an Excel or a CSV file format.