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Analytics Overview

OpenApply offers a number of automated and customisable analytics to track all your admissions data. Each analytics page can be filtered by a number of options including Year Level, Campus, Status, custom fields, Academic Year, and more to drill down to the detailed data you need. You can export each graph to PDF, JPEG, CSV, and XLS to easily share your data with colleagues or include in reports.

Find out more below about the different types of analytics available in the system.

Inquiry: displays family information such as parent employment, inquiry source, and rate of conversion. Click here for more information.

Conversion Funnel: provides a breakdown of the applicant pool by status. Click here for more information.

Enrolment: displays the enrolment by year level vs. capacity as defined in the Settings > Admissions > Programme. You can use this view to set enrolment targets and monitor the status. Click here for more information. 

Checklist: shows the status of checklist items across the entire applicant pool. You can filter this information by program in the top right corner and send bulk checklist reminders in the bottom left corner. Click here for more information.

Geography: displays the distribution of residences in proximity to the school. Click here for more information.

Nationality: displays the diversity of the student population using your nationality data. Click here for more information. 

Languages: provides a breakdown of the applicant pool by language and status, similar to the nationality report. Click here for more information.

Custom: view other analytics based on the selected option (e.g. Referral Source, Second Language, Standardized Testing).  Custom Analytics can be used to display any multiple-choice data field found on the form. Click here for more information.