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Bulk Messaging Applicants & Families

Bulk Messaging

To send a message to multiple recipients on OpenApply, first navigate to Inquiries, Applicants, or Students.

Click the Filter button on the top right.

Selecting Recipients

Select all or some of the filtered results by using the checkbox in the lefthand column.

Next, click Send Messages. You can select from previous message templates, or create a new template.

Writing your Message

Edit your message using the available mail-merge values. Simply click on a mail-merge value in the legend, and it will appear in the message.

Once you are satisfied with your message, you can choose to send it to parents, applicants, or both parents & applicants.

At the top of the page, you can choose to Show All recipients for your message.

Click Send when you are ready. A copy of the message will be stored on each recipient’s profile.