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Creating an Application & Enrollment Form

Via Settings > Forms

Via Settings > Forms

Under the Settings > Forms tab, you can select Create new form on the right menu below the Forms.

Forms Editor

Forms Editor

On the Forms Editor, you will want to first link the form to Campus and Programme.

On the left menu, you will find a selection of fields, which will allow you to customize your application form. You can drag and drop them onto your form and easily re-order their sequence.

Under the Form Settings, you can link these forms to standardized fields (e.g. Parent First Name, Parent Last Name). This will sync your forms, so that applicants only have to fill in fields once (i.e. if the Parent First Name is completed on one form, it will be pre-filled in on the next form).

Once you have completed customizing your form, you can save changes to preview your form. You can also set a redirect URL if you would like applicants to be returned to your school website after completing the form.

The final step is to add a redirect or embed a an application link on your school website. This will allow you to easily share your online application with interested families.