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Configuring Tour Settings

Setting Tour Times and Hosts

Navigate to Settings > Admissions >Tours. Pick the desired Programme and tick the Checkboxes for the days of the week you would like to make tours available. Additionally, choose to display or not display the Tours button on your landing page by clicking On or Off next to Display on Landing Page.

Add available times by clicking the +Add Hours button. Click on the Times to adjust the ranges.

Click on the Hosts box to select the Host(s) for each day.

Adjusting Duration and Capacity

Click on the Duration dropdown to set how long each tour will be. By adjusting the number in the Capacity box you can choose how many families can take a tour at one time.

Blocking Off Holidays and Enabling Campuses

Click on a Day on the Calendar to indicate a holiday. Tours will not be offered on days marked as holidays in blue. Tick the corresponding Checkboxes to enable Tours for specific Campuses only. When you are done making all changes click Save Changes.