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Editing Statuses and Creating Sub-Statuses

Editing a Status Name

Editing a Status Name

OpenApply has several statuses built-in to organize the movement of an applicant through the entire admissions process. The names of these statuses can be edited to fit your admissions process via Settings > Admissions > Status & Notification.

To edit a status name, click on the desired status (e.g. Applied) and update the text in the 'Name' field. In this example, we changed Applied to Registered. Once completed, click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Creating a Sub-Status

Creating a Sub-Status

To create a sub-status, click + Add Status Level next to the respective status. In this example, we will add a status level to Wait-Listed.

After clicking + Add Status Level, a box will drop-down for you to enter the Name of sub-status and Responsible Party. Type the desired name of your sub-status in the text box titled Name of sub-status and specify the Responsible Party. Note: the Responsible Party indicates whether the decision for the status was made by the school or by the family.