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Generating an Import Template

Via Settings > Import and Export > Import

Via Settings, Import and Export, Import

In order to generate an import template to import external information into OpenApply, navigate to Settings > Import & Export > Import. First, select the form from the dropdown menu that you wish to import data into.

Select Fields

Select Fields

After selecting the form, you must choose which fields you wish to include in the import template. You can choose Select All to automatically enter all fields into the template. To add individual fields, drag a field from the Available Fields column on the left to the Import Fields column on the right.

Removing Fields

Removing Fields

To remove all fields, use the Unselect All button located next to the Import Fields heading. To remove a single field from the template, select the red circle icon associated with that specific field.

Multiple Group Fields and Generating Template

Multiple Group Fields and Generating Template

If multiple Group Fields are needed, for example multiple parents or siblings, drag the heading of the Group Field as many times necessary to the Import Fields column. For this example we have added the Parent/Guardian Group Field twice to be included in our template.

Once desired fields have been selected, click the XLSX link to generate the import template. Note that only the fields you have selected will appear in this template.