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Reviewing an Application

Search for a Student

Search for a student via the search bar at the top of the screen. Or click on any student name on your Dashboard to review their information.

Student Profile

By clicking on a student name, you can review their full profile, which organizes all of their application information:

  • Status: The applicant’s current status (e.g. Applied, Accepted, Wait-listed)
  • Tags: Adds a label to an applicant, which can later be used as a search filter (e.g. Assessed, EAL, Visited)
  • Completed forms: Shown below the applicant name and includes the main application form.

Underneath the application form information, you can choose to assign tasks connected to the student, review the student’s admissions checklist, leave notes for the family or your colleagues, review and upload files, and schedule tour dates & interviews.


Click Add New Task to add a new task for yourself or a colleague.

Describe the task, assign it, indicate the type, due date, and attach any reference files. Your colleague will receive an e-mail notification.

Once the task is added, you can also add comments by clicking on the speech bubble.


View the student’s progress towards completing the applicant checklist. Add individual checklist items or send an automated reminder.


Add a note for the parent or an internal note for you and your colleagues. By default, notes are internal.

You can choose to notify your colleague on an internal note, so they receive the message in real-time. If your colleague does not have an account on OpenApply, you can send your note directly to an outside e-mail address.


View all files associated with the student, including those that the applicant has submitted as part of required forms (e.g. School Report, Health Records).

Individually or bulk download the files for further review, or directly upload additional files.

You can also directly edit the name by hovering over the file.


Schedule a tour for the applicant here. The family will automatically be notified via e-mail.


Schedule a tour for the applicant here. The family will automatically be notified via e-mail.

Additional Information

The student profile also includes additional information about:

  • Siblings & parents
  • Applicant history
  • Payment information
  • SSAT exam scores (the integration must be enabled first)
  • Re-enrollment information (for currently Enrolled students only)