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Sending Re-Enrolment E-mail Notifications

Opening Re-enrolment

To start re-enrolment, click on the Re-enrolment tab on the left panel.

To send re-enrolment notifications, click Send Re-Enrolment Notifications, then click Send Initial Re-Enrolment Reminders. The system will ask you to confirm the number of e-mails to be sent.

Once the initial re-enrolment notifications are sent, you can continue to remind families by clicking to Re-Send Pending Reminders to families who are still pending for re-enrolment.

Not Sending Re-enrolment Notifications to Specific Students

If there are specific students who you would not like to send a re-enrolment notification to, you should mark them as Decline for re-enrolment, then click Confirm Re-Enrolment to save this, before sending the initial notifications

Sending Individual Re-enrolment Notifications

To send a re-enrolment reminder to an individual family, navigate to the student’s profile. Under Re-enrolment on the right panel, click the envelope icon to re-send the reminder.

Family View

When a family clicks on the re-enrolment link contained in the e-mail, they are automatically logged in to confirm their re-enrolment for the subsequent academic year.


If a family has more than one child pending re-enrolment, their Dashboard will show the siblings, so families can complete re-enrolment for all of their children at the same time.