Help & Support

Configuring your Re-Enrolment Preferences

Enabling Re-enrollment

Under Settings > Admissions > Re-Enrollment, you can enable re-enrollment and set a fixed deadline date, which will allow parents to confirm enrollment for the following academic year.

All students marked with the status Enrolled will be eligible for re-enrollment. If a students’ parents are unable to confirm enrollment, you can always check to confirm their status as Enrolled first.


Re-enrollment Notification E-mails

Navigate to Settings > Admissions > Status & Notification to customize your notification e-mails to the families. Note that you can use mail-merge values to further personalize your notification and confirmation e-mails.

Customizing your Re-enrollment Form

Enable your re-enrollment form under Settings > Forms.

Customize your re-enrollment form here, or send your existing forms to for us to setup. Note that the global fields, e.g. First Name, Last Name, Home Phone, etc. will be pre-populated for the families based on the information that already exists in OpenApply.